Since its launching in 1979, the Yamama bet on a single factor: "the quality". The Yamamas' copy book was the first in Tunisia using extra-white paper with very high quality and covers with attractive design. More Infos


Addresse: 58, rue du cuir - Z.I Sidi Rezig
Mégrine 2033 - Tunisie
Télephone: +216 71 429 222 /
+216 71 429 589
Fax : +216 71 428 820
E-mail: myed@planet.tn

Yamama Group was founded by Mr Adnen MBAREK in 1979. With the passing years, the group has shown an important development.

The first born of the group was “Maison Yamama d’Edition et de Diffusion”, specialized in the production of school supplies and children’s books publishing. The company became rapidly a leader in the Tunisian market thanks to the high quality of notebook’s paper and printing and the attractiveness of its covers’ designs..


Nowadays, “Maison Yamama” is offering a complete range of paper-based school and office supplies. From stitched, paperback or spiral notebooks to ring binders, from notepads and index notebooks to folders and office paper, the high quality is guaranteed and that’s what it makes the brand’s renown.

As far as publishing is concerned, “Maison Yamama” offer more than 600 titles for children in Arabic and French languages from kindergarten to secondary school. Besides, the company is going to enrich its collection of books by a French-arabic dictionary which is the result of 15 years of work and research.

The development of “Maison Yamama” was translated not only into the share capital increase which went from 50.000 D.T to 800.000 D.T, but also by a turnover grown which went from 200.000 D.T in 1980 to 8.000.000 D.T at present.

In 2000, Mr Adnen MBAREK decided to enter the printing field by creating a new printing works Top Printing which tooled up with the most sophisticated machines from prepress to finishing and chose highly skilled and experienced personnel. Thus,Top Printing is winning an important market share and is gaining a very good reputation. From offset printing to finishing and binding to cardboard and packaging, Top Printing deserves its name thanks to perfect quality and service.


kenz Yamama Group activity is not only industrial but also commercial. In fact, EL KENZ is the trading company of the group and it has at present three stationer’s shops and libraries. Moreover, EL KENZ plans to extend its shops’ chain in order to be closer to its customers.

In the new globalization context, Yamama Group is heading towards the international market. Thus, some first export experiences were carried out with Algeria, Morocco and Spain for school supplies, children’s books and printing.

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